The Best Walnut Creek Has to Offer Over the Oakland  Hills there is a city. It’s a city mostly composed of chain restaurants, boutique box stores, and lawyers. That city is Walnut Creek. Mild density roads create insane traffic down Ygnacio Valley Road,  mall like main streets leave little room between traffic and the door [...]
The World is Flat Pedaled When it comes to building a touring bike there are so many things that are taken as fact; steel frame, high range of gears, quick wicking clothing, but some gear parts are debated. It seems that clipless pedals are one of these things that falls on [...]
Review: On One Midge Bars In the mid 80’s Wilderness Trail Bikes, one of the earlier pioneers of mountain bike design, unleashed the Dirt Drop Bar, a wide flared drop bar intended for off-road use. The bars were wildly popular on cyclocross style with Specialized even throwing in the mix on [...]
A few pictures from the ride across Central AsiaThought I’d just throw up a few pictures of my most recent ride; 2500+ kilometers through Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and even a little bit of Afghanistan. The start of the high Pamirs, Sary Tash, Kyrgyzstan… An all-weather road leads to 4700+ meters The market in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. Still lively along a mile of riverfront despite [...]
Biking all of the Pamirs of Tajikistan…. Last ValleyI started out the 3rd of 4 or 5 big valley visits last month (still have the Vanj area on the list, and it will have to wait a few years). Riding was disrupted a large number times by a hub that stopped coasting- necessitating tying up the chain for every descent because the roads [...]

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