Packlists are my favorite. If it wasn’t for the help of great packlists like Cass Gilber’s at While Out Riding or Joe Cruz’s at Pedaling in Place, my kit would have gone through some of the errors they went through. Nevertheless here is my packlist from my tour up to Tahoe.


Ready to Roll
First let’s talk where it all goes. Bags and where to put them is an art that I’m slowly learning to perfect. Last summer’s build was a maxamilist approach and built in the wrong places. I upgraded from the bulky pannier rack system on the front to an easier to manage bigger handlebar bag. I also added the tool bag under the seat, which makes getting them convenient on the road and opens up room in my panniers. I was able to manage to pack up food, clothing, and tent all on the rear. It made picking up the bike wonky, which I want to fix in the future, but as of now, I really like the way this is built, it handles very well. All the bags are Detours made. The rear rack is a Tubus Vega (light durable, great). I carry my water in my bottlecages along with hydration bladders buried away, the Klean Kanteen didn’t really work as it held coffee flavors that’s going to get axed for a lightweight camp mug (or a smaller Klean Kanteen for camp and carrying ice/ice cream to camp!) and put another waterbottle in the cage, that is if I don’t have a framebag by then. I also have a Topeak Morph Mini pump pictured here, it broke on tour, but I prefer it to the Planet Bike one I replaced it with. I also carried an REI Flashpack to add some room and take weight off the bags/racks/bike, not ideal on the back, but it was real handy (until a bear tore it in two).
Tahoe Packlist
Riding clothes.
Tahoe Packlist
Camp clothes.
Clothing is usually the bulkiest, but not the heaviest, but it is easy to go overboard on clothing. What I have here might actually be too much. The top is my riding gear, the bottom is camp gear. My riding gear consists of Novarra cycle shorts ($10 at Used Gear Sale!), cheap falling apart Nashbar rain jacket, Canari jersey (looks good, works), cycle shorts (probably cut these next), Ex-Officio boxers (GREAT purchase, dry quickly, hold no smell), gloves, Smart Wool hat, Goodwill merino sweater (5 bucks, why pay more?), Novarra leg warmers, and my North Coast Brewery cycle cap.

My camp clothes consist of a casual t (might get axed for another jersey instead), Smart Wool baselayer (comfortable and can be used when it gets real cold), Smart Wool leggings (pack small retain heat, also good for riding, might go with this or the legwarmers next time, not both), and gym shorts (want to replace with quicker drying active shorts). I wore Salomon water shoes on this tour, I liked them for their quick drying, ability to be worn without socks, and breathability, but I’m not 100 percent sold on them as the go to touring sneaker yet.

Camp Gear

Tahoe Packlist

Tahoe Packlist

Camp gear is where weight can really be saved. Sleepwise I’ve upgraded to a 45 degree LaFuma bag, good for summer, but even on some nights I found myself chilly, probably need another bag to compensate when I’m not doing hot parts of the world. Sierra Designs LightYear One tent, works, but can be tight and the front entrance is awkward, still looking at a Tarptent or Six Moon Design solution possibly. Nemo Zor sleeping pad, comfortable, warm, works.

Cook kit consists of; Trangia alcohol stove, I’m still unhappy with flame control, but alcohol is the way to go (the stove is the one included with it and the alcohol is obvious). Sea to Summit collapsible bowl, great for cutting board and easy to clean, like it. GSI Ultralight cofffee maker, bought this one because I lost the bigger plastic version of this, but I’m glad I did, no filters needed, easy to clean, and makes delicious coffee (downside to it is only one at a time, while the other could make three or four cups). Sea to Summit Ti spork, easy to store, easy to clean, useful. I also have a handkerchief and a gross looking cleaning pad in the shot. I also carried a Platypus 2+ L hydration pack, which gave me plenty of water over the night and into the morning, I even had a cheap free one I got in a giveaway, but if I go to one water bottle next tour I’ll get a second Platypus I think.

Tools and Toiletries

Tahoe Packlist

I put these in the same shot, mostly because they were small and both fit in the same pockets on opposite sides of the bike. The tools consist of the basic Crank Brothers multitool, spare tube, tire levers, patchkit, and spare chain (with spare quicklinks). The things that aren’t standards that I really like is my Leatherman Skeletool, great camp tool and easy to have on my belt loop. Anti theft skewer tool on my keychain, it’s probably unnecessary, but zero weight for added security? Sounds good to me. Hypercracker, that’s a great tool, I can pull off my Shimano cassette to change rear spokes on my bike (spokes not shown because I brought the wrong size spokes with me, d’oh!). Electrical tape, duct tape (wrapped around a pencil), handkerchief, chain lube, and zipties finish off the tool list.

Toiletries are easy to cut, but sometimes are just needed. Sunscreen, Dr. Brommers, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss (good for sewing too, if I remembered my needles!), moist towellettes (my tentmate on the Inca Trail had this great tip for feeling clean on the trail), ibuprofen helped me cure a hangover, and the Band-Aids were to solve my busted thumb. Also in this pic is an emergency blanket, just in case.


Tahoe Packlist

Electronics is definitely the things that I carry for comfort. Starting in the top right is my MP3 player that my good friend Eric loaded up for me last summer with some great Americana tunes for riding across the country, it’s attached to an X-Mini capsule speaker, good sound for small weight. GPS Etrex 20 was the greatest addition to my kit, it helped me get off the highways and really found amazing things. Steripen helped me carry less water if I saw I would be traveling next to water (which happened frequently on this trip). Gorilla pod camera stand, with camera case, as of now I just have a cheap Fujifilm Point and Shoot, hope to upgrade this winter. The headlamp was a great addition too, don’t know why I didn’t think to have that last summer, but it makes camp life easier and can be used for nightriding when necessary. The top bag is my chargers, next to it is a AA battery charger for my headlamp and GPS. I carried my laptop this time, but it’s really what’s going to hold me back from going lighter in the future, it helped a ton, but I’m thinking of going with a tablet next to also replace what’s under my laptop, my Kindle, which has been great for carrying, but I also like real books, which is why Cadillac Desert is in the shot (great book too). The final bag is my notebook and pens and pencils, I’m trying to write and sketch more and my little Moleskin is great for it. Oh and I do carry a U-lock, because if you know my story from last summer you’d know why I carry it.

That’s the gist of it. It’s always a work in progress making things better and lighter.

The List (bold are things I really like and recommend, *s are things on their way out)

  • Bags
    • Detours D2R Handlebar Bag
    • Detours D2R Large Panniers
    • Detours Wedgie
    • OR Stuff Sack
    • REI Flashpack (not picture)
  • Clothing
    • Canari Jersey
    • Peral Izumi Cycle Shorts*
    • Novarra Casual Cycle Shorts
    • Ex Officio Boxers
    • Nashbar Rain Jacket*
    • Novarra Leg Warmers
    • REI pack towel (not picture)
    • North Coast Brewery Cycle Hat
    • Smart Wool Cap
    • Gloves
    • Goodwill Merino Wool Sweater
    • Casual T (Broken Rim Records for pop punk fans)*
    • Smart Wool long sleeve baselayer.
    • Smart Wool leggings.
    • Casual shorts*
    • Salomon Water Shoes (not pictured)
  • Camp
    • Sierra Lightyear One
    • LaFuma 45 bag.
    • Nemo Zor Pad
  • Cook
    • Trangia backpackers cookit
    • Sea to Summit collapsible bowl.
    • Sea to Summit ti spork.
    • GSI Ultralight Coffee Kit
    • Platypus bladder
  • Tools
    • Crank Brothers Multi 17
    • Hypercracker (although goodluck finding it)
    • Leatherman Skeletool
    • Anti-theft skewer tool (on keys)
    • Spare tube.
    • Patch kit.
    • Tire Levers.
    • Spare chain with quicklinks.
    • Electrical tape.
    • Duct tape.
    • Zip ties.
    • Emergency Blanket
    • Kryptonite Mini U-Lock
    • Topeak Morph Mini Pump
  • Toiletries
    • Dr. Brommers
    • Moist Towelettes
    • Toothbrush/Paste
    • Dental Floss
    • Sunscreen
    • Painkillers
    • Bandaids
  • Electronics
    • Garmin Etrex 20
    • Laptop*
    • Kindle*(maybe out depending if I get the tablet)
    • MP3 player
    • X-Mini
    • AA Battery Charger
    • Steripen
    • Headlamp
    • Fujifilm Finepix JX520* with Gorillapod
  • Misc.
    • Book
    • Moleskin with good pens!

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